Saving You Money

With an emphasis on technological expertise we have created a working methodology that increases efficiency and saves our clients money.

Techcentricity – Redefining roles to execute the Ethisys way

A knowledgeable development team is the engine that drives any software development project. Unleashing the expertise of a development team is the key to fulfilling client requirements. To this end we have successfully developed and employed our unique project management methodology.

It is common practice to employ non-technical project managers, which can slow production. Our methodology is different. We empower the development team by ensuring the pre-development mechanisms in any project are infused with a significant degree of technical input. This means the development team has direct representation at all stages of preparation – up to and beyond the first line of code being written.

We streamline existing agile practices and enable developers to jettison non-essential elements, seen as an encumbrance to their productivity. Some of the ways this is achieved are as follows:

  • Developer representation in Client Liaison, Project Management, and Business Analysis
  • Developer assistance in Agile story production
  • Fewer meetings
  • Demonstrations kept informal and delivered by QA tester

With developers at the heart of the project, we ensure that those who have a deep understanding are servicing all aspects of our clients’ needs.

If you would like to speak to us about our delivery techniques, please contact us.