Neil Shack

Neil Shack is globally recognised within the Sitecore community. Neil is a published author, six-time MVP (Most Valuable Professional – Sitecore’s highest recognition of expertise) and creator of the popular developers’ tool, Helix Base.

After graduating in computer science in 2003, Neil became a best-selling app maker with several apps that topped the sales charts. He began working with Sitecore in 2014. In June 2015, Neil made the decision to specialise in Sitecore. Within eight months of this decision, he was awarded with Sitecore’s highest recognition for technical expertise – Technological MVP status.

Neil has made exceptional contributions to the Sitecore community; one of these being the creation of Helix Base. The oft-copied programme is used worldwide as a starting point for any Sitecore Helix project.

Sharing his outstanding knowledge of Sitecore, Neil has authored three books on the subject. His highly popular texts have been sold worldwide, being described by developers as a ‘Sitecore cheat sheet’.

Neil has presented on three occasions at Sitecore’s symposium in the USA, a global gathering of thousands of Sitecore experts and consumers. In 2016 he was asked to speak, months before becoming an MVP, demonstrating how quickly and naturally Neil was able to master Sitecore development.

Neil also acts as one of five judges globally in Sitecore’s annual Hackathon.

Since 2015, Neil has been working as a Technical Architect for some of the world’s largest Digital Agencies. He has completed projects on FTSE 100 companies in the technology, finance and commerce sectors.

In 2018, Neil combined with a fellow MVP to form Ethisys*. In 2022 he was awarded Technology MVP status (one of only 141 worldwide) by Sitecore for the sixth year in a row.

*Ethisys complete projects to the highest of standards using the highest standard of developers. As an expert in the field, Neil recognises quality. Contact us to find out how we can help with your Sitecore project.