Design and UX

Quality Design

We place a strong emphasis on a solid foundation that begins with analysis and design. Quality designs are pivotal to development velocity and avoiding future bottlenecks. Our design experts understand the technical platforms that they are designing for, this prevents issues during development. We enable our clients by overcoming potential technical limitations at the design stage.

What We Can Do

Design and UX

Information Architecture

To provide a positive user experience the structure of any information should be planned and designed in a manner that is right for the target audience, uses the correct technologies, and contains relevant information. We can translate user behaviour, into a media structure that presents an interactive experience.

Content Strategy

We can help you to understand your audience, and form a relevant strategy. Digital content must be clear, driven by goals, relevant, scalable, and published using the most appropriate platforms. Content appears in many forms and needs a purpose, and this is set out via a content strategy.

Visual Design

A user experience can be enhanced by colour, shapes, imagery, forms, and typography. Visual design implements these aspects strategically whilst keeping content central to the page. We can help engage users and build trust in your product. 

Digital Strategy

Technology rapidly changes and with such a wide variety of digital platforms to choose from, a strategy is imperative. A digital platform should help with achieving a set of objectives reliably, and this is reflected in your strategy. Reduce your operating cost through digital efficiency, we can help with your roadmap.

Usability and Accessibility

This requirement must be fulfilled at the very start, the web should work for everyone and this means addressing accessibility and usability needs. We can help you work towards a similar user experience for those with a disability, helping them understand and contribute without any barriers.

Understanding Users

We can conduct research and gather data to help you to understand the needs of your users. This can involve user segmentation, journey mapping and identifying digital touch points. Systems operate most effectively when built around the needs of the user.