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Do you need to review your marketing metrics?

Do you need to review your marketing metrics?

Whilst the digital-age has left the age-old fundamentals of marketing unchanged, digital marketing metrics are constantly evolving. We’ve picked out three essential digital marketing metrics that we think you should be tracking.

Tracking Mobile traffic – Monitoring the percentage of web traffic that comes from mobile devices

With more that half of the world’s website traffic occurring via mobile phone, tracking mobile traffic has become more important than ever before. There is no sign that this will slow down. Mobile phones give their users the capacity to do almost anything and the list of uses continues to grow. In some households, laptop and desktop PCs are gathering dust and in others they’re not even in sight. 

Ensuring that your website is optimal for mobile usage is essential. It is also important to stay on top of this, regularly checking that your site is mobile-friendly.

Channel-specific traffic – Monitoring the traffic from all of your channels

If you monitor the traffic on your channels, you will know the origins of your visitors and which channels are most valuable. This allows you to place a greater emphasis on those channels, ensuring you are maximising their effect.

Your website traffic can arrive via a variety of sources; those who have entered your website address, those who have arrived via a search engine, those who have followed a link (either advertised or social media referrals), email links, and many more. 

Funnel conversion rate – The journey from potential customer to paying customer

It is vital to be aware of how users are interacting with your brand across the whole conversion funnel. Having a wholistic view means that you will not only recognise the strengths of your funnel, but also the weaknesses. When a weakness arises it can often involve a simple cure, but understanding where the holes are in your funnel will mean that these are only problematic for the shortest time.

Review your metrics

It is important that marketers take some time to consider the metrics that they track and critically analyse as to whether these are the most effective. In order to ensure your strategy is always effective, stay current with technology and consider regular review points.

Sitecore is favoured by marketers for its abilities to gain a wholistic view of their customer and gather essential marketing metrics.  Ethisys are Sitecore specialists. If you would like to discuss how we can help, please get in touch.

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