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Book a free comprehensive Sitecore audit

For a limited time, Ethisys are offering free audits* of your Sitecore infrastructure and code.

Our Sitecore audits are comprehensive, covering a wide range of technical areas such as:

  • Sitecore patches
  • Log audits
  • Code quality, performance and testability
  • Use of third party frameworks
  • Enhanced profilers
  • Pipeline profiling
  • Session state
  • Caching
  • Experience editor debug testing
  • Visual studio performance profiling
  • Load testing
  • Search query performance
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Dependency injection configuration
  • Methods of serialization
  • Error handling
  • Deployment pipelines
  • Application security
  • Reusability and maintainability
  • Architectural convention implementation
  • Custom processors audit
  • Component mini profiling
  • Search index strategies and performance
  • Code conventions
  • Content Editor enhancements
  • Tooling for automation of code analysis
  • Health reporting setup

An audit can bring peace of mind and assurance, or highlight any areas of improvement in your technology stack. Contact us today for your free audit.

* new customers only

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