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Refreshing Digital Brands

At Ethisys, we are thrilled to share a success story that showcases how we helped one of our esteemed clients, Irwin Mitchell, a prominent law firm in the UK. Over the past few months, we have worked closely to create a comprehensive solution for their public website. This involved the development of a journey that allows visitors to navigate a series of forms to request the creation of a legal will, alongside a significant overhaul of the site’s frontend.

The Flexible Journey

Recognising the variable nature of the questions and key points within the form, we immediately focused on enhancing flexibility, maintainability, and reusability. We aimed to avoid rigid structures that would lead to substantial work for even minor changes. Instead, we recommended adopting a “building-blocks” approach. In this approach, we rely on Sitecore to define the structure, content and appearance of the forms under a single data source with its own hierarchy.

This approach not only eliminated the need for frequent releases but also empowered content editors. They could now effortlessly manage complex tasks without concerning themselves with pages, data sources, or renderings. Their focus remained on the individual form elements and questions within various stages of the journey, all seamlessly integrated within a single-page design. This approach truly exemplifies Sitecore’s capabilities, and we consider it our responsibility to pursue such solutions, as they directly impact the client’s perception of the product.

A Fresh Look for the Frontend

In the project’s final phase, Irwin Mitchell presented us with a common yet critical challenge—updating visual elements of their website. We embarked on a frontend revamp, which we referred to as the “refresh.” This transformation was completed within a tight timeframe. The site now boasts a refreshed appearance, embracing a design based on gradients that seamlessly blend with various components and media items. This transformation conveys a more professional and trustworthy image.

Additionally, we introduced several new features to enhance the backend, primarily in the hero banners, the focal points of their main pages. These banners now offer the flexibility to highlight content in colours that align with their brand guidelines.

Our partnership with Irwin Mitchell presented both exciting opportunities and unique challenges. We are proud to have delivered a dynamic and user-friendly solution while revamping the website’s frontend to align with modern standards and brand guidelines. These achievements underscore our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

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