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Ethisys launch myVirtualQ

With hospitality venues set to reopen we have launched a solution to promote consumer confidence and optimal safety. The myVirtualQ solution allows venues to offer a safe way to take customer orders, and an easy way for customers to find locations in the area that have their welfare in mind.

Our solution can be used at any venue that has a counter or needs to manage and maintain queues.

How it works

Step 1: Customer searches local venues

Each venue that offers myVirtualQ will be listed according to the customer geolocation. No app install is required.

Step 2: Customer searches local venue

The customer finds the local venue and can opt to join the counter queue or take a seat and request table service.

Step 3: Customer joins the queue

Upon joining the queue the customer is notified of their position. The customer can cancel their request should they wish to do so.

Step 4: Customer receives safe service

The customer is notified that the counter are ready and can safely attend to be served.

To find out more please visit the myVirtualQ site.

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