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Helix Check GitHub action released

We’re excited to announce that our latest latest piece of innovation is now live – we have released ‘Helix Check‘ a free tool that will automatically check your Sitecore GitHub codebase for Helix compliance.

This tool does not require devs to install anything on their local instances, the GitHub action is simply enabled on your codebase and a report is generated which highlights any issues relating to Helix compliance.

You can enable Helix Check as part of your CI/CD workflow and receive instant analysis of the project structure at any point during development. Helix Check can be executed during any event on any branch. For example, when a dev makes a pull request, you can trigger this action on their feature branch, or trigger the action whenever a push to the develop branch takes place.

Helix Check takes minutes to implement – You can read more about the technical implementation on Rad’s blog.

Start using Helix Check today and enforce standards in Helix based repositories.

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